We want you to have the best experience when using All nighter studios, But we ask you respect the 10 commandments;

  • Keep Doors in your session Closed.
  • No use of Drugs, Smoking and Vaping In Studios or Premises. Any breaking of this rule will result in a £70 Fine.
  • You take full responsibility for the room & equipment during your booking.
  • Drinks are allowed in sessions, but please keep them away from equipment.
  • Any purpose damage to equipment will encounter a fine and membership removal.
  • Please Tidy up after your session in time for the next customer.
  • Switch off the air-con/heater after use.
  • Please allow time to pack up just before your sessions ends, time breaching over 5 minutes will result in a £35 fine.
  • Do not move any chairs or equipment out of the room.
  • Users can only book rooms maximum 10 hours a day
  • All NEW users can book the first hour for any room for £1.
  • Please Contact Support For any Damages found in sessions.